MSX Fair Bussum 2003

by snout on 17-06-2003, 13:57
Topic: Events

Laurens Holst just mailed us to let us know the annual MSX Fair in Bussum will be held on September 27th this year. As you probably know, the MSX Fairs in Bussum are the continuation of the legendary MSX Fairs in Zandvoort.

The Bussum fair consits of two parts: A regular MSX Fair which is followed by an MSX Marathon that will continue until Sunday morning. In the past few years several extras were added to the fair to make visiting it even more fun. (MSX Resource Center quiz, Game and Music competitions, ...)

If you want to taste the atmosphere of previous fairs in Bussum have a look at our Bussum 2002 fair report and our Bussum 2001 and Bussum 2002 photo shoots.

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By sunrise

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18-06-2003, 07:56

Well finally laurens, but why only to MRC.
Please sent the forms to fill in and let pay !

By FiXato

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19-06-2003, 18:47

Great to hear Laurens!

I (and probably a part of the MAF) will surely be there and stay for the marathon ^_^