MSX fair Bussum 2005 - Reminder

by snout on 27-09-2005, 23:35
Topic: Events

This saturday, October 1st 2005, the annual MSX fair in Bussum will be held in Buurtcentrum Uit-wijk, Bussum. From 10:00h to 23:00h, MSX users from the Netherlands and beyond will gather to enjoy a day full of MSX action. The following standholders will attend the fair:

  • Bazix - Demonstration of the One Chip MSX in its MSX2 configuration (May 2005 core), preview of, one or more localized WOOMB games on display and a preview of localised game material (such as localised manuals, etc)
  • Bitwise - Sale & demonstration of the Spanish Kralizec game Bomb Jack
  • BodyHammeR - Realtime Article, Nintendo DS Kiosk, Bastard!! OAV, Katamari Damacy, CvS2, 3S and possibly more BodyHammeR style activities
  • Darkstone - Promotion of Darkstone games, demos and MSX casemods
  • Delta Soft - Demonstration and sale of own software
  • HCC MSXgg - Explanation of the activities of the HCC in general and especially its MSX user group
  • Jetze Mellema - Exhibition of collection of 54 MSX-computers, ranging from common Japanese and European machines to rare Russian, South-American and Arabian ones
  • MSX Club Groningen - Promotion of MSX Club Groningen and their activities
  • MSX Resource Center - Sale of MSX T-Shirts and the finale of the Shirts Y'all challenge. Sale of Spanish MSX products brought along by Saeba, including the first English edition of Call MSX, demonstration of the new MSX -> USB -> PC harddrive interface developed by former Sargon members and last but not least a special Mystery Challenge, which will start at 12:00. All we can tell now is that every contestant will get about 15 to 20 minutes to finish their entries, which includes the time needed to save the entries to cassette
  • MSX Worldwide - Promotion of the MSX Worldwide magazine and the MSX Museum Underground. Sale of MSX Info Blad, second hand computers, Padial hardware and own software
  • openMSX team - Demonstration of the emulator openMSX, its GUI Catapult and the new debugger (which has not been named yet) and brainstorming about future developments
  • RenovatiO - First preview ever of the upcoming fangame sequel to Konami's legendary shooter Space Manbow (working title: Space Manbow 2)
  • Stichting Sunrise - Sale of MSX hardware (GFX9000, CompactFlash interface etc.), software (Moonlight Saga, Bombaman, new harddisk version of Akin and more), MSX Magazine 3 and Arranger - the complete works
  • TNI - The organisation of the fair. Demonstration of TNI products in development

With this great line-up, it looks like a great day of MSXing awaits us. If you have the time to pay a visit to the fair, please don't hesitate to come over. On the MSX fair Bussum website you can find all information you need.

Relevant link: MSX fair Bussum website

Comments (18)

By Whizzy

Master (213)

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28-09-2005, 10:37

Looks like a nice fair to me. Unfortunately Paragon_Leon and i will not attend this day.

Paragon_Leon has to work that day, the whole day so the Shirt's 4all challenge will have to go without him. Yes, he is the one who 'accused' Wolf of cheating etc.etc. but as said his job is more important than catching t'shirts.

Have a nice day though !


By Whizzy

Master (213)

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28-09-2005, 10:40

He would like to have the challenge go on to prove that Wolf can make those scores anywhere.


Oh, and he ordered his shirt and got it. Where´s mine!" Crying

By meits

Scribe (6543)

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28-09-2005, 18:03

/me gonna hang out in the bar downstairs, smoking...

Will eat some fryske droeche woarst as well (but not at the bar Wink )


Paladin (1012)

POISONIC's picture

28-09-2005, 19:39

well i wanted to go to bussum but icant Crying

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (10109)

wolf_'s picture

28-09-2005, 22:26

I hit 4200 with a first game o' shirting, after not playing for months Big smile

By djh1697

Paragon (1702)

djh1697's picture

28-09-2005, 22:48

I;'ll wait for the pictures to appear on the photoshoot!

By Samor

Prophet (2174)

Samor's picture

29-09-2005, 08:30

"Nintendo DS Kiosk" ?
hm.. are there many DS owners at Bussum? Not to spoil the MSX fun of course, but what keeps us from some wireless gaming? Tongue

By SeD_NcL

Master (152)

SeD_NcL's picture

29-09-2005, 09:26

MSX Posse is gonna drink some beer downstairs and some "ballen gehakt met mayo" LOL!LOL!LOL!

By SaebaMSX

Hero (533)

SaebaMSX's picture

29-09-2005, 13:05

I will be there, so Anne better prepare yourself!!!! CrazyCrazyCrazy

By Latok

msx guru (3938)

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29-09-2005, 16:49


By Haohmaru

Paladin (774)

Haohmaru's picture

29-09-2005, 19:32

@Samor: You just reminded me to bring Bomberman DS along Wink

By Grauw

Ascended (10768)

Grauw's picture

29-09-2005, 21:27

I’ll try to remember to bring my DS with me. Only got Mario and Another code tho.

On my PSP, got Ridge Racer, Lumines and Mercury.


By Arjan

Paladin (787)

Arjan's picture

29-09-2005, 22:23

Then I'll take my PSP with Bombaman with me ^_^

By Samor

Prophet (2174)

Samor's picture

29-09-2005, 23:13

I have Mario DS, RR DS, Another Code (but I don't think it has multiplayer), Nanostray, Yoshi touch 'n go, Project Rub, and (I guess like everyone) the Metroid Prime demo...

By Samor

Prophet (2174)

Samor's picture

29-09-2005, 23:15

oh, but fortunately, most require just 1 cart for multiplayer...
of course, we could always have a big lousy chat session over pictochat Tongue (It's not like we actually could speak to each other when we're in the same building Wink )
... 'guess I'll bring mine with me Wink You never know Wink

By Serico

Master (151)

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30-09-2005, 19:38

Are we sure it's going to be a MSX fair???

By Samor

Prophet (2174)

Samor's picture

01-10-2005, 10:02

no Tongue

By djh1697

Paragon (1702)

djh1697's picture

01-10-2005, 11:20

Have a nice day!!