MSX Fair Oss 2004 - Reductions for standholders

by raymond on 31-08-2003, 19:50
Topic: Events

We reported before about the upcoming MSX Fair in Oss, to be held on January 17th, 2004. If you would like to have a booth on the MSX 2004 Fair, you can register one or more at the MSX NBNO website

The organization have a special offer for everyone who reserves a booth before
September 30th:

  • 5 tables for the price of 4
  • 4 tables for the price of 3
  • 3 tables for the price of 2

This sounds like a good reason to register a booth before September 30th.

Like last year, their will be a dinner after the MSX 2004 Fair. The dinner will cost 15 euro per person including 3 consumptions. For foreign visitors NBNO have put Hotel information on their website. If you are planning to visit the fair with a booth or just as a visitor and staying in a hotel, NBNO we can arrange some transportation from the Hotel to the Fair.

For an impression of previous fairs you can have a look at the Oss 2003 photoshoot, the Oss 2002 photoshoot or the Oss 2003 fair report

Relevant link: MSX NBNO website

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By Thom

Paladin (706)

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31-08-2003, 19:59

5 for the price of 4
4 for the price of 3
3 for the price of 2
2 for the price of 1
1 for the price of 0
It's all free!!

By Sander

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31-08-2003, 23:14

You got it almost right Thom. Everything in life is free. Except those tables. Smile

By snout

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01-09-2003, 00:12