North Netherlands developers meeting

by wolf_ on 22-10-2003, 00:14
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Some weeks ago there was a discussion about an MSX-developers meeting place for the northern regions of the Netherlands. Two MRC users, Wolf and Legacy, who happen to live in the same village decided to think about the possiblities and found a location in Hoogeveen. In this room of 49 square meters a developers-meeting could be held. There's the possibility of hiring a beamer (in case someone needs one) and sufficient parking space. Although Hoogeveen has a trainstation the distance from the trainstation to the meeting is too long to walk. However, before Wolf and Legacy are making arrangements they would like to know who want to come. Keep in mind this meeting is not an MSX Fair, but a day full of drawing graphics, composing music and coding. For this purpose, the room is surely big enough. There are tables and chairs, and all this can be used for a whole day.

This post is purely meant to catapult the idea, no arrangements are made yet. The room costs 25euro/day, so, if 10 people show up, then there's a modest entrence fee of 2.50, if 20 people show up it's 1.25 ... and if only 2 or 3 people show up there won't be such a meeting. For the location Wolf and Legacy have in mind the saturdays are already occupied. However, they think the sunday would be better anyway since some people might work on saturday. Roughly calculated, about 20 people fit in the room. If you're serious about MSX-developing in these interesting new times then for sure you can come. Coders, designers, composers, anyone related with 'creating a product' is welcome.

First Wolf and Legacy want you to state if you're interested in such a meeting, and that you for sure would come. As soon as a list of people who will join this developers meeting is available, the organization will pick a date. You can subscribe by replying in this forum topic.

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By Arjan

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22-10-2003, 00:34

well you guys already know I want to attend the meeting Tongue Saturdays/Sundays is not really a problem for me, entrance fee is not a problem either (just raise it so you guys can buy drinks so we don't have take care of that ourselves Tongue )

By konamiman

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23-10-2003, 20:35

I want to assist, but only if someone pays me the trip to the Netherlands and everyone speaks in spanish during the meeting X-D

Now seriously, it is a great idea, we should organize something similar here in Spain...