Oss 2002 report

by Sander on 22-01-2002, 00:54
Topic: Events

Source: The MSX Resource Center

My Lancia car broke down the day before Oss, luckily I could get a Ford Ka for replacement by my local dealer, 10 minutes before closing time. Pfft.Next day, I had a rendez-vous at 07.30am with Bas Kornalijnslijper of MSX Club West Friesland. The place: a nearby highway petrol station. You have to do something for MSX...What followed was a 1h30m drive to Oss. But it was worth the trip. Nice to see old friends again and nice to see that there are still crazy people playing around with those cute MSX computers. There were less booths this year, but there seemed to be more visitors. Oss is for fun, lot's of time to discuss with fellow users, and I had the opportunity to sell some of my gear there.

Iwein was there too, again with his impressive laserdisc players and PX-7 computer.I finally had the time to play Astron Belt, what a game! And that for 1984! Seeing is believing. We played triplex with Music Modules, saw the Network card proto (not to be mistaken with the Sunrise project, that's another one) and looked at the demo model of the e-z80 processor with board. Hopefully something nice will come out of that. Of course Delta Soft was there too, always nice to chat with. Rinus of MSX-Info hopefully got some new subscribers to his great magazine, or at least renewals. Afterwards there was dinner, provided by those great people of MSX-NBNO, and we thank them for this nice fair! See you next time!Until then, why don't you look at the photo's? (which can also be found in the new reports section in the menu)

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