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Hi,Last weekend it was again the monthly meeting of the MSX friends club Mariënberg. For those of you who don't know where Mariënberg is: near the German border, on the east side of Holland. More than 200 km from where I live. Luckily, they also had their yearly MSX auction.. ;-)It was a pleasant day, all those people there where very nice, and this club still has 15 members coming their every month, right in the middle of nowhere. Maybe the location adds up to the amount of visitors ;-). But it's always fun being there. I bought some magazine's at the auction, while enjoying the famous Loempia they serve there. A local speciality. Be invited to visit some of their meetings if you are around. The link below shows you our full photo report of the meeting.Till our next Loempia! (don't forget the photo's!)

Relevant link: Mariënberg february 2002 report