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by wolf_ on 30-05-2008, 11:19
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In little over a week, on June 7th, the RU Barcelona meeting will be held. At the moment nine booths have been confirmed:

  • AAMSX - Latest AAMSX news, sale of the cartridges Operation Wolf, Majikazo and Traffic Jam, Lucky Darts, Carnival Bomb Ring, Música de MSX - Stage-01. Furthermore AAMSX will be in charge of a booth for buying/selling of second hand material.
  • One beer MSX - Suply of beer, MSX gaming
  • Kralizec - Display of a final version of the LPSDMMC. Sale of Caos Begins (winner of MSXdev'07)
  • Sd-snatcher - Demonstration of Internestor Lite, a TCP/IP protocol that allows us to connect our MSX to the internet using MSX-DOS, and Internestor Lite applications
  • Call MSX - Sale of Call MSX 8 and older issues, demonstration of the 1chipMSX
  • Z80ST Software - Demonstration of the under construction game QBIQS. Furthermore, visitors are given the possibility to design puzzles for this game, the best designs could be including in the final version of the game
  • The SeKTa - Sale of Joy-mega (adapters to use Megadrive controls on MSX), Novimatch (a clone of the Telemach control), and a demonstration of a project currently under construction: The Danger Mouse, an adapter to use PS/2 mice on MSX.
  • TNI - Demonstration of their current projects: Guru Logic Champ and a Gauntlet clone for MSX2
  • Moai Tech - Sale of homemade MSX merchandise

Furthermore there will be a Puyo-Puyo contest and an informative Flash presentation about MSX and its hardware today. If you still wish to be present at the RU with your own booth, then contact the organizers as soon as possible - the venue has limited space. If you have Google Earth installed on your PC you can view the exact location of this event right here. The place is open at 9:00AM to build up the booths (max. two members per booth!), and at 10:00AM for the public. As with many fairs, the day lasts until around 5:00 PM. Booths and entrance are free!

Relevant link: RU Barcelona

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By selios2000

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30-05-2008, 12:37

See you there!!LOL!LOL!LOL!

By spl

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30-05-2008, 13:55

I will be there with beer for all! Big smile and 1chipMSX ^-^

By anonymous

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30-05-2008, 17:27

Is not "The Qbiqs", just "QBIQS" Tongue

Anyway, we will meet at Barcelona in a few days! LOL! LOL!

By wolf_

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30-05-2008, 17:32

babelfish galore!