Tilburg 2004 - Standholders

by snout on 29-03-2004, 19:43
Topic: Events

CGV Tilburg have restyled and updated their website, adding extra information on the upcoming Tilburg 2004 meeting. According to their list, the following standholders will have a booth on the fair:

  • Bitwise
  • B.T. Roos
  • CGV Tilburg
  • Deltasoft
  • HCC MSX Gebruikersgroep
  • MCWF
  • MSX Info/Totally Chaos
  • Sargon
  • Stichting Sunrise

Although MSX Resource Center is not listed on the CGV website, we do have reserved a booth at the meeting. For an impression of the Tilburg 2003 edition you can have a look at this photo shoot or this report.

Relevant link: Tilburg 2004 website

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By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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29-03-2004, 19:54

Luckily the rumours are proven untrue now...

Still, last year's Bussum fair had more standholders than this Smile

By snout

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29-03-2004, 20:47

The Oss fair earlier this year was surprisingly crowded and had a lot of MSX activity. Of course, with the release of Bombaman, nothing could spoil this day. But have a look at the standholders of Oss:

  • Bart & Hans
  • Bitwise
  • Delta Soft
  • MAF
  • MCWF
  • MSX GG Zandvoort
  • MSX Resource Center
  • OpenMSX Team
  • Stichting Sunrise
  • Rudi Westerhof
  • Remco van der Zon

Quite impressive, huh? Smile

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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29-03-2004, 20:57

Dude, you forgot the Laurens Holst/TNI stand!

By [D-Tail]

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29-03-2004, 21:46

?Why aren't you MRC dudes not on the list?


By snout

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29-03-2004, 22:02

It's indeed strange as we signed up for two stands on the same registration sheet as Sargon. ("MSX Resource Center & Sargon"). Hmmm.. was it something we said? Smile

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (10091)

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29-03-2004, 22:15

considering their lack of interest, llast year .. you could perhaps just go sit there, hijack a table, and nobody would notice Smile