by makinavaja on 10-02-2003, 23:23
Topic: Hardware

On February 10th Armando Pérez Abad and Manuel Pazos announced the specifications of a new flashcartridge on the hispamsx mailinglist

It is available in 4 differents versions:

  • A basic model, equipped with 512 KB, with ASCII8/16 memory map type
  • A SRAM model, equipped with 512 KB, with ASCII8/16 memory map type and 2 or 8 KB of SRAM memory. The SRAM memory is prepared to store save games of games that support it without the need of floppy discs or hard discs
  • An SCC Model. The flash cartridge is built in a Konami SCC Cartridge, it allows you to play Konami games with SCC music, but you don't need to use a second slot to plug in another SCC cartridge. (It also can be used as a SCC cartridge to play, for example, guru logic game with SCC music)
  • Basic model xtended. This one is still in design process, an experimental model. Equipped with 1024 KB of memory, with ASCII8/16 mapper type. This model doesn't need any SRAM to store save games (it can be stored in the flash memory). Also it will allow multi-game store using an specific soft prepared for it.

All the models only use one switch (so it's easier to use), and all of them are included in a plastic cartridge case (like Konami cartridges), so it's more protected.

The software has possibilities like autodetection of the rom mapper type, R800 processor compatibility (faster speed), high speed transfers using the possibilities of the Am29F040B chip. The program, also, can modify the roms automatically before flashing the cartridge to adapt it. It also allows execute games with r800 processor activated, and 50hz or 60hz modes. Also the soft has got other options. If you want more info about it you can read it (in spanish language) here or contact with the creators, the mail address and prices are available in the url.

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By snout

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10-02-2003, 23:41

I'm wondering... the SCC version. Is it SCC+? Does it have SRAM? If so.. that would be the IDEAL one for me.

By roadfighter

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28-12-2003, 09:52

You also could get yourself a Snatcher or SD-Snatcher Smile
The original thing.

By snout

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28-12-2003, 10:00

I have bioth Wink

By BiFi

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28-12-2003, 10:10

I do too, but I like to add that little something more. I got myself a second SD-Snatcher in order to add 64 KB RAM in the cartridge.