TMS320C32 DSP cartridge available.

by anonymous on 09-02-2002, 20:27
Topic: Hardware

The TMS320C32 DSP cartridge contains a 32 bit TMS320C32 chip from Texas Instruments running at 40Mhz, with 1Mbyte Flash memory and 128Kbyte of SRAM. Both the Flash and SRAM memories are 32-bit, but are accessed by the MSX in 16 and 8 bit. If you're not familiar with DSP chips, you'd like to know that these chips are used to store hardware that is going to be run from the program stored in the Flash memory.

For example, a sound card could be implemented, or a 3D accelerator, a fast JPEG decompressor in hardware, etc. The specifications of this DSP chip are available on the Texas Instruments website. It comes with the utilities needed to program the DSP chip. This cartridge consists of two cards, one supermapper with up to 128M address and 32 bits data access (LPE-MAPPER1-V2), and one DSP peegyback card (LPE-32CDSP128K-V2). The DSP cartridge is now on sale, and its price is ? 180,-.

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