500,000 visitors, 1,000 newsposts

by snout on 31-05-2003, 13:04
Topic: MRC

At this very moment you are reading a very special news post. We are proud, pleasantly surprised and honored to announce that a grand total of 500,000 visitors have visited our website since we installed our Nedstat counter on August 8th, 1996. At the same time we have brought you 1,000 news posts on MSX and MSX-related topics. All of them can be read in our news archive.

MSX Resource Center started in late 1994 as a links-database with links to MSX websites. Although from time to time some news posts were placed on this website, the MRC really started to become a news-portal when the original webmaster, Sander van Nunen, gathered some active MSX users around him and started a dynamic website on May 17th, 2000. From this day, the amount of visitors a day kept on growing and growing to an average of more than 1,000 visitors every day. For the past 4 years we managed to double the amount of visitors each year. Of course we could not have done this without the dedication of the MSX Community, that have increased in both activity and professionalism during this period. Without you there would be nothing to report about.

On December 18th 2002, just before the MSX Revival, we launched a new website and announced we had become a foundation. Furthermore we said goodbye to the company that had hosted us for free for several years, moving to a new commercial webhost. These were all necessary measures to prepare the MSX Resource Center for a bright and busy future. From that day we have been able to offer you an average of 2 to 3 newsposts a day.

However, we have more to offer than news alone. Our links database contains nearly 200 links to MSX websites, our active MSX forum contain over 4,000 messages about many MSX-related topics. Especially since we launched our new website many people - newbies and advanced users - have found their way to these forums. In our articles section you can read several in-depth articles and fair-reports, while our photo shoots section contains many pictures of MSX events. Recently we have opened a downloads database containing several freeware downloads. In the future we plan to add even more interesting features to our website like a MSX Projects module, a members-only Contacts database (including the infamous MSX ICQ and MSN list), a MIDI player, multilingual features and a knowledgebase. Furthermore we are investigating the possibilities of opening an online webshop.

What ever the future may bring, we are very proud at the things we have accomplished already. If you would like to support the MSX Resource Center, please consider donating us some money or even joining our team. But first and foremost: keep visiting our website, feel free to submit newsposts, reactions, links, downloads and forum posts. On behalf of the entire MSX Resource Center crew I thank you for all the visits and support we have received since the beginning.

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By wolf_

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31-05-2003, 13:25

sounds like partytime~~~!

IMO it's realistic to state that MRC is the most important central MSX info place since the paper-magazines/disk-magazines quit.. years ago.

By mth

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31-05-2003, 23:18

Congratulations! And keep up the good work.

By Maggoo

Paragon (1217)

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01-06-2003, 14:41

Congratulation and keep up the good work. This is the best MSX site ever !

By Hydragon

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02-06-2003, 11:27

Congratulation and keep up the good work. This is the best MSX site ever !
Koetje MSX!

By msxgamesbox

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02-06-2003, 15:01

Half a million ain't that bad - it's well deserved. The site is truly great and in my opinion, the most developed as far as news is concerned... everybody should put the MRC on top of their MSX bookmark list! Keep it up.

By FiXato

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07-06-2003, 22:46

Congrats from me as well guys!
well done!