Devcon summer 2004 - Report and photoshoot

by snout on 29-08-2004, 17:00
Topic: MRC

On August 28th the second edition of Devcon, the Dutch MSX developers meeting, was held. Maarten van Strien and Sander Zuidema joined forces and created both a photoshoot and a report of the events that took place during the day. Like the previous edition of Devcon the day was full of MSX activity, inspiring the people who attended the meeting to keep developing new software for MSX.

Relevant link: Devcon Summer 2004 report
Relevant link: Devcon Summer 2004 photoshoot

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29-08-2004, 17:29

I wish I was there... * snif *

By wolf_

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29-08-2004, 17:37

prolly again in december.. I think we'll report about it early november orso..

The major disadvantage of this othwise perfect location is that they don't rent the hall on sundays.. and an increasingly lot of ppz work on saturdays..

By Grauw

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29-08-2004, 17:44

I don't work on saturdays anymore... Smile

By Latok

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29-08-2004, 21:45

Nice, very nice! Next time I'll be there! I hope...

By DarQ

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29-08-2004, 23:38

d-tail!! where is your hair!

By [D-Tail]

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30-08-2004, 00:13

Uh... we haven't seen eachother for quite some time, don't we, DarQ? Wink

Nah, I've let it cut off in April or so... I got fed up with it, that's why.

By [D-Tail]

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30-08-2004, 00:14

Wolf: it was a great day! Thanks very much Smile And keep us informed (I know you will Smile)

Big smile