Downloads top 10; March 2006

by snout on 01-04-2006, 07:44
Topic: MRC

It's the first of the month, so lets have a look at which files have been downloaded the most during March 2006. The complete top 10 for March 2006 looks as follows:

  1. MSX Unleashed (293 downloads)
  2. Source of Power (Knightram) (240 downloads)
  3. Squeek demo 2 (Knightram) (197 downloads)
  4. All there is to see (Bart Roijmans) (192 downloads)
  5. Rick Dangerous (170 downloads)
  6. ROMLOAD (163 downloads)
  7. Bet your life (162 downloads)
  8. PCM Encoder (154 downloads)
  9. Impact 205/BDD's Theme 5 (BDD) (149 downloads)
  10. Impaccable (BDD) (148 downloads)

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Comments (5)

By mars2000you

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02-04-2006, 00:41

Fantastic success of the MSX Unleashed demo !

So, +/- 600 downloads on MRC and +/- 200 downloads on MSX blue = +/- 800 downloads !!!

Great work of dvik and joyrex ! LOL!


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02-04-2006, 12:12

I whould alse point out that pcmenc is still in the hit...
So is there someone who can send some results?

By adrcunha

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07-04-2006, 04:54

A bit late but... Can anyone explain me how a february top 10 download program for a Brazilian FDC don't get even the 10th place in the march list? I tought that there was enough public for such kind of program, but now I'm a bit confused...

By Fudeba

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07-04-2006, 19:14

Good question, indeed. Question

By snout

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08-04-2006, 19:34

Not making it in the top 10 doesn't mean something does not get downloaded anymore at all, usually the runners-up are quite close to making it to the top 10 position, actually. Since the server-move, only unique hits are counted... from next month on the stats will be more reliable.