Dutch MSX Resource Center: 2.000 newsposts translated

by snout on 15-10-2004, 22:21
Topic: MRC

As you probably all know the MSX Resource Center is available in English, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese. A large team of volunteers are helping out on a daily basis to get the most recent news on MSX translated to languages other than English, so that the entire MSX community can keep up to date on what's going on. But not only the most recent newsposts are being translated, the volunteers are trying to translate the complete news archive as well.

As of today the Dutch translators have translated more than 2.000 newsposts from English to Dutch. With this, more than 90% of the complete MRC news archive has been translated to Dutch. It will now only be a matter of time until the complete MRC News Archive has been translated to Dutch.

This might be a good time to let you all know, once again, we could use some volunteers who would like to help out on the Portuguese MRC. Please contact us if you would like to help out in bringing the MSX news to one of the largest parts of the MSX communities in their mother tongue. Furthermore, if you would like to help out on offering the MRC in languages other than those we support already you can contact us as well. Japanese, Arab and French are high on our personal wish-lists, while we would not mind a German or Italian MRC either.

Relevant link: Dutch MSX Resource Center

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By Arom77

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16-10-2004, 00:10

Japanese would be great indeed, I guess !