Finally back online: the explanation.

by Bart on 14-10-2001, 22:15
Topic: MRC

Allright everyone. We're back finally! First we'd like to thank everyone who was willing to offer hosting or help with hosting. We're very grateful!

What happened? Well, a lot! First we overloaded the server because of the MSXPLAYer news. More than thousand people coming to read about it in a few hours was a little too much for the -OLD- server. Yes, old server. That was the other problem. Our ISP moved our site from the old, obviously incapable, server to a new one and also changed DNS and IP information. But as is the technical contact of the domain our ISP could not change that information which resulted in the fact that was not showing the right website, but a offline page.

We had to go through a lot of paperwork before network solutions would approve the changes in DNS information.All of this, the overload, the server change, the DNS update and the network solutions paperwork caused a downtime of more than two weeks. And we're not very happy about it. But we're back! And we will celebrate that. How this will take place will be revealed in the near future. For now: welcome back!

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