Freeware downloads section launch

by snout on 20-05-2003, 13:37
Topic: MRC

The MRC has teamed up with Tristan Zondag of the MSX Funet archive and launched a downloads database today. Unlike most MSX downloads websites, our database only contains freeware. All files in the archive are tested to make sure they actually work and archived in a PC and MSX-friendly way. Although we start with a small selection of MSX software, we hope we can offer more and more downloads in a relatively short timespan. Currently, we have the following files to offer:

  • MEG - a megademo by dutch MSX group Flying Bytes
  • 2 christmas demo's created by TeddyWareZ
  • Three TeddyWareZ games: Guru Logic v1 and v2 and Pushem
  • 2 previously unreleased maps of Pumpkin Adventure 3
  • Bananenvla - a music disk by Flying Bytes
  • 5 previously unreleased Moonblaster music files, including Konamix (the original version)
  • SCC Blaffer and SCC Blaffer NT, the ideal tools for creating SCC music on your MSX
  • Teddy's in action 1 and 2, two music disks that prove the power of SCC Blaffer
  • A patch to enable FAT16 support on any version of MSX-DOS 2.xx
  • Several PC and MSX tools, e.g. for making disk images, help in creating translation patches and more

To add more files to the downloads section, we need your help. If you ever created a program, utility, demo or game on the MSX, if you ever made graphics or music for this beloved machine, please consider submitting it to us (mail to and we will add it to our downloads database and give it attention on the frontpage and - sometimes - in our forums.

Even if you already hosted the files elsewhere, we would like to add it to our database as well. Why?

  • Over a 1000 people visit the MRC each day, your files will get as much attention as possible
  • You won't have to keep your website online, bother about datatraffic or promote your files anymore if you don't want to
  • Files are tested and archived in a PC and MSX friendly way
  • Files are hosted on Funet, the largest archive of MSX software. This will ensure they'll stay online forever
  • New downloads will get attention on the frontpage and sometimes in the forums

We hope we can add several interesting downloads to our database in the near future.

Relevant link: MRC's freeware download section