IOMBCC entries 11 to 15

by snout on 17-04-2005, 14:47
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It's been a while since we reported about the IOMBCC (International Obfuscated MSX-BASIC Code Contest), but the coders of obfuscated MSX-BASIC listings have been far from inactive. No less than 5 new entries were submitted in our forums:

  1. Brush! - A small joke, but also a perfect example of obfuscated coding for beginners
  2. Mandelbrot - The classic mandelbrot fractal in obfuscated MSX-BASIC flavor. Needed: a lot of patience
  3. BrainFuck Interpreter - If BASIC isn't obfuscated enough for you, try BrainFuck! Of course, things would not be the same without an obfuscated interpreter coded in MSX-BASIC...
  4. Bomberman Battle - Yes indeed, a 2-player Bomberman game coded in BASIC!
  5. R800 CPU mode switcher - A neat R800 CPU mode switcher in genuine obfuscated BASIC. Explanation on how it works can be found right here

If you're wondering what's so special about these BASIC listings, you should probably have a look on how it looks over here. If you still need a definition of the term 'Obfuscated Code' after that, you can read this explanation. You can send your own entries in at this forum thread.

Relevant link: IOMBCC

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By Arjan

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17-04-2005, 21:00

IOMBCC13 is not a BrainFuck Compiler, but a BrainFuck Interpreter.

By snout

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17-04-2005, 21:22

fxd Smile