MRC Contacts List - update

by snout on 10-09-2006, 19:35
Topic: MRC

Requested long time ago, the MRC Contacts list - a list of no less than 1,176 members of the MSX Resource Center who have agreed to share their contact info with logged in visitors of the MRC - has been updated a bit. Finally, you can now browse the Contacts, ICQ and MSN lists by the first letter of the user's nickname. As an additional feature, the Contacts list index now also reveals the skills (Code, Graphics, Music or Hardware) of each member in the list.

You can get yourself (un)listed from the MRC Contacts list or alter your selected skills in the 'My account' menu after logging in. You can browse the Contacts list by registering an account (if needed) and logging in to the MRC. An extra 'Contacts' menu will instantly appear after logging in.

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By mars2000you

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10-09-2006, 19:42

Nice work ! Cool

By snout

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11-09-2006, 22:56

thanks! At least there's one person who appreciates it ^_^. I hope this update helps out in finding MRC members more easily and/or to contact some coders, graphicians, musicians or hardware specialists more easily in order to find out if they want to help out on an MSX project or two.

By Grauw

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12-09-2006, 11:42

And when did I use that list? The day before it was improved. Sigh. Wink