MRC opens contacts section

by snout on 13-06-2003, 18:34
Topic: MRC

You had to wait for it for a while, but finally a contacts section is set up at the MSX Resource Center again. Right here you can have a look at information on the members of our website, ordered by their username. We have also added a separate ICQ and MSN list.

The Contacts block will appear on the left side of your screen as soon as you are logged in to the MSX Resource Center. This way we are keeping your information hidden for spam-bots and other unfriendly threats.

You are only listed in the Contacts list, the ICQ list and the MSN list when you have given permission to do so in the 'My Account' settings. Currently, 152 of 1105 members have given this permission. What's keeping you from increasing this number?

If you're not already a member, join us today and reveal yourself to the MSX community!

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By snout

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13-06-2003, 19:22

oh yeah, when you click on a user name from that list you can also see - if the user filled in those options - whether that user can code, make GFX, music or create/repair hardware on MSX.

By Ivan

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13-06-2003, 20:12

I think that the contacts list would have been more legible if you have had ordered it by country instead of ordering it by the nickname.

By snout

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13-06-2003, 21:06

done. On top of the tables you can now click on 'Username', 'Real name' and 'Country' to order the tables differently. Will add some gfx to make things clearer in the future Wink

By karloch

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14-06-2003, 00:28

Great!! I missed so much the contact list of the site 8)

By Latok

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16-06-2003, 09:29

I hope people will see the importance of such a list. If you want to do something on your MSX, make a game, a demo or whatever, PLEASE PLEASE start contacting the people who are on this list, they're awaiting your e-mail and really would like to help you....Here you have active MSX-ers!! You only have to e-mail them and a new MSX group is born...

In my view, this is what is all about. Giving people a platform where they can communicate, create and get appreciation.