MRC server move and minor updates

by snout on 02-02-2003, 01:44
Topic: MRC

Within 6 weeks after switching to our new host, we already moved to another server (at the same host) that fits our needs even better. Due to this move, you might have entered our site through a redirection script. You do not have to change your bookmarks

On the new server, we were finally capable to run a Photo shoots section the way we wanted it to. Currently you can find pictures of MSX fairs and meetings in Bussum, Tilburg, Oss and Mariënberg and a special report about Sander van Nunen's trip to Mallorca. If you have a series of pictures of MSX-related events you want to show on, please contact us. Also, the MSX Around the world contest has been re-opened. We have received very little pictures so far. Come on MSX-users all over the globe, show your pride and make a nice picture of your MSX out in the open!

Apart from the Photo shoots, several minor updates were made to the website, following the suggestions of our users posted in our forum. As our forum got over 1000 messages after the launch of the new site, most improvements focus on the forum. For example: it is possible to subscribe yourself to the forums now. You'll receive an e-mail as soon as someone posts a message on the forums you're subscribed to

Also, the hunt for new MSX Resource Center team members is opened. We're planning to add a lot of interesting features to our website in the near future (a contact list, a project management system, maybe some sort of webshop, a downloads section and more...). Also, we'd like to offer the contents of our website in other languages than just English soon. To accomplish this, we need extra help. If you think you can make this site better, brighter, bigger or easier to read in your own language, step forward and join our team in this exiting journey. Show your skills to rest of the community!