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by snout on 30-06-2004, 15:22
Topic: MRC

Almost exactly one year ago, we celebrated the fact that our MSX forums contained a grand total of 5,000 forum posts. In the months that followed more and more people started to join the discussions, breaking the 10,000 forum posts barrier in October 2003. As the forums kept growing and growing we reached 20,000 forum posts two months ago. Now we have reached another milestone: as of today more than 25,000 forum posts can be found in our MSX Forum.

When we opened up our forums in September 2000 we never thought it would become as active as it has become now. We would like to thank everybody who has ever posted one or more posts in our forums and encourage everybody to register an account (if you have not already done so) and join the discussions on the most active MSX discussion platform in the world today! Next milestone: 50,000 forum posts!

Relevant link: MSX Resource Center's MSX Forums

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By Manuel

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30-06-2004, 15:44

So, how big is the total database now? (In bytes... ;-)

By DarQ

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30-06-2004, 15:49

i guess it wouldnt fit on a 720kb disk

By BiFi

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30-06-2004, 15:53

With sufficient compression it should be possible I think.

By snout

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30-06-2004, 16:00

With sufficient compression it's always possible, the question is: does sufficient compression (already) exist? Tongue

The entire MRC database is about 25MB now, though. The forum itself is about 4.5MB, gzip compressed.

By [D-Tail]

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30-06-2004, 23:38

[edit]Removed a typo and changed the periods '.' in the numbers in commas ','. A milestone of 50 posts didn't seem a real milestone to me Tongue[/edit]

By BiFi

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01-07-2004, 08:41

You might as well have removed the periods (now commas)... It differs per language anyway. Fun to mention you missed one Smile