MSX Resource Center: 2,000 newsposts

by snout on 16-08-2004, 20:07
Topic: MRC

Ever since the MSX Resource Center started (now close to 10 years ago) the goal was to proof MSX was still alive and kicking. After starting the dynamic website services in May 2000 we have been trying to keep our visitors up-to-date on all the MSX news around the world. In May 2003 we broke the 1,000 newsposts barrier whilst our Nedstat counter broke the 500,000 visits barrier. In the meantime a lot has happened. Recently we celebrated breaking the 25,000 forum posts barrier, getting more than 2,000 user accounts and more than 1,500,000 nedstat visits. As of today we can add another milestone to that list: the MSX Resource Center now contains a grand total of 2,000 newsposts.

It is great to see so much MSX activity worldwide these days. The situation definitely has improved compared to a few years ago. Not only the increasing amount of visitors, members, forum posts and newsposts at the MRC prove that but also the amount of new software and hardware released, the activity on other websites, mailinglists and IRC-channels and the success of development contests like the MRC Snowfall Challenge, the MSXdev'04 competition and the MRC Under Water Challenge. Thanks go out to all those MSX developers and users for keeping MSX alive!

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By anonymous

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16-08-2004, 20:09

Looking at the newspost id's in the URL's, you reached this 225 posts ago already!?

Late celebration or some other explanation?

By BiFi

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16-08-2004, 20:11

Who said MSX is dead? Almost 10 years, 2000 posts and over 27000 posts in the most active MSX forum online really says a quite different thing...

Cogratulations to the MRC crew and all people who make the MSX so very much active... which about all of us. Wink

By snout

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16-08-2004, 20:13

GuyveR800: Nope, not every ID is used. Whilst testing the ASP site and while moving from ASP to PHP we skipped quite a few for testing (and easy conversion) purposes. The total amount of newsposts @ the MRC is now exactly 2000. Smile

BiFi: Thanks bro! Smile

By anonymous

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16-08-2004, 20:14


By Grauw

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16-08-2004, 20:17

Other. My guess is that submitted news gets an ID too. But not all submitted news gets through. ID's in databases always increase, even if you deleted an old one (it is never re-used). So that's probably how they reached a higher number.

Does this mean then that they rejected 225 newsposts? No, I think that number is still a tad bit high Smile. But someone might have thought it a nice means to annoy the MRC team, or a good way to spam (it is considered a problem in the comment area on many weblogs as well) which would of course get deleted. Or there might be (have been) some shortcoming in the backend because of which they would sometimes be forced to start a new newspost instead of being able to edit the submitted one, and it probably includes deleted test-messages posted when the site wasn't online yet... etc.


By Grauw

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16-08-2004, 20:18

Well, darn it, that's what happens taking too long to write something down Smile.

By ro

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16-08-2004, 22:12


(then again posting every week 1 or two newsfact about retro music getting on line on some website..gheh)