MSX Resource Center - 3,000 members

by snout on 23-05-2006, 20:24
Topic: MRC

A few days ago, we crossed another milestone right here on As you can see in our statistics, we now have more than 3,000 registered user accounts on the MSX Resource Center, of which 38% are being used actively, meaning at least one contribution to the MRC's contents (news, forum, reactions) has been made from that account. Due to various userbase cleanups, in which we deleted several hundreds of invalid accounts, it took us quite a while from getting from 2,500 members to this new milestone.

In case you don't have an MRC account yet, you can register an account right here. Please help keeping our userbase clean by informing us about double, invalid or broken user accounts. Thanks for all the support!

Relevant link: MSX Resource Center - statistics