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by snout on 18-12-2002, 10:26
Topic: MRC

Yes, you read it right the first time. The MSX Resource Center is now officially a foundation. We decided to raise this foundation because were doing more and more activities for the MSX Community, and we plan to do so even more in the (near) future. We had just moved from free hosting to faster, more reliable, yet quite costly hosting and raising a foundation sounded like a logical second step. That's all we can tell you by now. Keep an eye on our site and you'll be the first to know about (future) activities of our foundation.

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By konamiman

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20-12-2002, 18:21

What is exactly a foundation? I mean, what are the benefits of being a foundation instead of a standard usegroup? (Sorry for my ignorance) 8-)

By Latok

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22-12-2002, 20:19

The main thing is a foundation is carrier of rights and obligations on its own. One can close contracts with the foundation itself, not with the people behind it. A foundation can not die. A foundation has an official board which is registered at a chamber of commerce. For the 'real' people behind the foundation, it also brings some safety. Those people are in principal not responsible for the activities of the foundation. The foundation must try to achieve its goal. With a foundation, you can open bank accounts, create paypal accounts, you can get creditcards etc. etc. There is a lot more benefit of a foundation, but this'll be enough for now Smile

By Manuel

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11-12-2014, 22:32

So, when exactly (and why) did MSX Resource Center Foundation change into Microcomputer & Related Culture Foundation? I never really got that news... (or I missed it)...