MSX Resource Center goes Japan - again!

by Sama on 23-01-2004, 21:22
Topic: MRC

Earlier, we reported about Sander Zuidema's visit to Japan at the end of November, 2003. Shortly afterwards, on December 18th, our newly acquired webmaster Rieks Warendorp Torringa went to Japan to celebrate Christmas and New Year together with his girlfriend, who is currently studying at a Japanese university. Apart from being with his girlfriend, he entered the streets of Tokyo and Osaka in order to check the state of MSX at the end of 2003 and met some Japanese MSX related people. As of today, you can take a look at the MSX related pictures Rieks took during his stay of three weeks and you can read all the details in a detailed report especially written for the MSX Resource Center.

Relevant link: Report: MRC goes Japan - again!

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By Ivan

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23-01-2004, 22:49

It seems that nowadays there are less shops selling MSX soft in Japan.

In my opinion this is quite normal; Yahoo Auctions Japan is cheaper for Japanese people. Probably some of the MSX titles on sale at those shops were bought in Yahoo Auctions...

By Sander

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23-01-2004, 23:43

Could very well be. I've heard from a shop keeper in Amsterdam (Retro Shop) that he buys from Ebay. And still makes a profit. wow..

By snout

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23-01-2004, 23:44

Next month: MRC goes Japan - again, enjoy the adventures of MRC admin Bart Schouten as he... (just kidding folks!, sorry Bart Tongue) I think both Rieks and I took a picture of the same 'no smoking sign' in Akihabara. If you want to see it at night, check the Nippon 2003 photoshoot Tongue

By Bart

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23-01-2004, 23:50


By Grauw

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24-01-2004, 03:25

Wow, wonderful review, Rieks... I want to go too... ^__^

And I wonder if amongst those Snatcher CD's also was the 'SCC Memorial Series - Snatcher Joint Disk'.


By Sama

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24-01-2004, 04:59

There was, it was the expensive one, costing about 90 Euro.

By Grauw

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25-01-2004, 00:37

Ahh... I figured it was rare already, hehe ^_^

By Sama

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25-01-2004, 13:54

Yup, but it did look very cool. If I had had loads of money... Wink