MSX Resource Center introduces donation service

by snout on 20-02-2003, 16:07
Topic: MRC

As of today, it is possible to send financial donations to the MSX Resource Center Foundation.

As the corresponding text explains, we are counting on the MSX Community in many ways. We highly appreciate people who contribute to our site by posting news, discussing different subjects on our forum and even by joining our team.

In order to contribute to the future of MSX Resource Center, you can now also donate some money using Paypal. Every donation will be highly appreciated.

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By msxhans

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20-02-2003, 19:06

It is a bit early for april 1st Smile

(apil 1st is when the dutch have their fools day Smile

By Latok

msx guru (3929)

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20-02-2003, 19:33

It is indeed too early for an april 1st joke Smile Could they be serious then?

By snout

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20-02-2003, 22:34

Although we like a good joke every now and then, we're dead serious indeed. The text in the donate section explains a bit, you can always contact us if you want more information.

Of course, you don't HAVE to donate... yet Tongue

By djh1697

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20-02-2003, 23:50

I agree with the idea of receiving money, perhaps the MSX.ORG team should give an idea of the amount of a donation ?

Hosting a website, and running a server is not free. MSX.ORG is an excellent site for information sharing.

Thank you

By Bart

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21-02-2003, 00:44

any amount is welcome. Just donate the amount is worth to you, if you like to support us financially. The server we're hosting on now is indeed not cheap, but we specifically chose this host because it has some real good connections. Even too Japan! Tongue

By anonymous

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27-02-2003, 09:24

how many people have made a donation at this time?

By Sander

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27-02-2003, 13:35

We have recieved three donations so far.