MSX Resource Center opens RSS feeds

by snout on 27-03-2004, 17:03
Topic: MRC

As of today MSX Resource Center offers the latest MSX news in a handy RSS feed. RSS stands for RDF Site Summary. An RSS feed allows you to link to the latest MSX news from your website, or to add it to your desktop. You can find several RSS readers for various Operating Systems on this website. We will be running these RSS feeds for six months from now on and will then evaluate if we continue offering our news (and perhaps other parts of our website like the latest forum posts) in RSS.

The RSS feeds are available in three languages:

English RSS feed:
Spanish RSS feed:
Dutch RSS feed:

Comments (5)

By Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1788)

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27-03-2004, 17:23

Cool idea! Lemme grab some RSS reader and test it Wink
BTW, small typo... English is spelled with just 1 'l' Tongue

By snout

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27-03-2004, 17:24

-kuch, well yeah.. uhm.. whoops!-

corrected the typo! Enjoy RSSing the MRC! Smile

By karloch

Prophet (2159)

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28-03-2004, 19:31

I added the RSS feed of MRC to ^^

By Grauw

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28-03-2004, 19:58

Cool. Added it to my RSS Reader sidebar in Firefox Smile. I really like the recent improvements on the MRC!!


By ibantxuyn

Expert (127)

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28-03-2004, 20:45

It's a good idea, later time but fine :-)
Now I can syncronize MRC's RSS to my Plucker/Palm and read it from the train going to work !!