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by snout on 13-03-2003, 00:29
Topic: MRC

In the latest edition of the Spanish computer magazine @rroba there's an interview with the MSX Resource Center crew. Admins Sander van Nunen, Sander Zuidema (snout) and Bart Schouten answered questions about the history of the MSX Resource Center, the latest developments in the MSX Scene and the MSX Revival. Of course, the opinions of webmasters Anne de Raad (Latok), Jacco Bot and Albert Beevendorp (BiFi) are taken into consideration as well. The result is an article of three pages, accompanied by images in full colour.

@rroba is a large computer magazine, distributed mainly in Spain and Mexico. Unlike other computer magazines, it also covers information on subjects like hacking and retro-computing. If you're in Spain or Mexico, you should run to a kiosk to grab your edition now. You need the one with 'MSX RESURGE - Entrevista a los fundadores de' on the cover. Keep an eye on our forum, as we will post a scan of this cover in our forums soon.

Relevant link: @rroba

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By Grauw

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16-03-2003, 16:02

Will you take the issue with you to the next fair?


By snout

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16-03-2003, 16:08

of course!

By Grauw

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16-03-2003, 16:09