Portuguese MSX Resource Center: 1,000 newsposts translated

by snout on 03-01-2005, 21:12
Topic: MRC

On May 14th, 2004 the Portuguese MSX Resource Center was launched. As with the Spanish and Dutch MSX Resource Center, a dedicated team of volunteers spend a lot of time on translating the latest - and older - MSX news from the original English MRC. As of today more than 1,000 newsposts have been translated from English to Portuguese. With this the MRC is now offering a lot of recent MSX news in the mother tongue of one of the largest and most active MSX communities in the world: the Brazilian.

In the future we would like to offer the MRC in Japanese as well. To achieve this we could use quite some extra help, so if you would like to help translating newsposts from English to Japanese (or another language), don't hesitate to join our team.

Relevant link: Portuguese MSX Resource Center

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By adrcunha

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03-01-2005, 22:29

To Necron and all the guys who contribute to the MRC translation to Portuguese: you rox!

By Bart

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04-01-2005, 00:06

Wohoooo! Congrats to the Portuguese/Brazillian team!!!!

By [D-Tail]

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04-01-2005, 10:22

**respect** Big smile

By Necron

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04-01-2005, 14:16

Thanks dudes! Wink

By Sonic_aka_T

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04-01-2005, 14:22

Congrats indeed! Amazing effort! Amazingly fast too!