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by snout on 27-07-2004, 20:27
Topic: MRC

As you all probably know the MSX Resource Center is not only available in English, but also in Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch. Every day our team of voluntary translators makes sure the latest MSX news and, eventually, the entire MSX News Archive is being translated to these languages. A grand total of 20 volunteers make it all happen. We could use some extra help, though, as there still is a lot of work to be done and more news is coming in every day. So, would you like to contribute to the largest MSX website in the world? Fill in the Join our Team form and we will contact you soon. We are specifically looking for:

  • Volunteers for English to Portuguese translations. Our three translators could certainly use some helping hands!
  • Volunteers for English to Japanese translations. According to us connecting the Japanese MSX community to the non-Japanese MSX community is one of the most important things that still has to be done. We are already working on a Japanese interface, but for translating the news we need a lot of help. Only when we can find enough English to Japanese translators, the Japanese MSX Resource Center will become reality

Of course, you are also more than welcome to let us know you'd like to join us if you want to help us out translating to Spanish or Dutch, or if you'd like to help adding more languages to the MRC (French? German? Italian? Korean?). As a translator you will be the first to know about new features at the MRC and if you can like you can also help out with moderation and content management. So, what are you waiting for? Join us today!

Relevant link: Join the MSX Resource Center team

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By cax

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29-07-2004, 12:44

Do you have some statistics about how many MRC members speak Russian ? If there are 2-3 another volunteers for making En-Ru translations, I would agree to participate (of course, if there are enough Russian readers...)

By snout

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29-07-2004, 14:06

There are about 500 to 600 unique visitors from Russia each month. But, if a Russian MRC were to be introduce, that amount would increase quite a lot. In Nedstat (ok, this one doesn't count the unique visitors, but I currently don't have the time to check things in our weblog based stats) the amount of visitors from Spain grew from 7.8 to 10.6 percent, while we also got a lot more visitors from other Spanish-speaking-countries. The question is: are there 3 to 4 Russian MRC visitors who'd like to become a translator Wink

By cax

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03-08-2004, 11:05

500 visitors a monts looks cool.
Count me in.

Итак, кто хочет переводить MRC на русский ?
(So, who wants to translate MRC into Russian ?)