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by Latok on 13-10-2003, 22:47
Topic: MRC

€ 4,99? No, € 2,99! Together with the introduction of our new website top-bar, we decided to organize a nice webshop sale for you. Two of our finest products are now in discount. Both Not Again! and Teachers Terror can be bought for the spectacular price of € 2,99 each. This special offer will last for the rest of this year.

Have a look at our webshop and support the MSX developers to create new software by buying some of the products offered there. One more interesting fact on Teachers Terror, it is the previously unreleased Japanese version which features new music and an entirely different enddemo. A must-have for every MSX freak.

And now we're talking about the webshop anyway, if you want your own software being sold through our webshop, just contact us at webshop@msx.org and we can discuss the possibilities. It's the perfect way to reach almost 3000 visitors every day, over and over again.

Relevant link: MSX Resource Center webshop

Comments (4)

By chaos

Paladin (809)

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14-10-2003, 00:00

I really like the new topbar!
good gfx Smile

By Sama

Ambassador (2068)

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14-10-2003, 15:08

おめでとう!やっぱり今の方がかっこいいぞ! Smile

By snout

Ascended (15187)

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14-10-2003, 15:20

Hmmm I managed to translate 'congratulations'... but euh.... Wink

By Sama

Ambassador (2068)

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14-10-2003, 15:21

Well, that's a correct translation of the first part. The second part says 'I like this one better than the previous one (after all)'.