DSKexplorer 0.82

by snout on 05-04-2002, 10:30
Topic: MSX Related

Source: JP Grobler on the MSX Mailinglist

Since we last reported about this diskmanager, a lot of bugs were fixed and features were added. The DSKexplorer is a tool for handling disk images. You can add, view, edit, and delete files stored inside the images.Image files supported: dsk .di1 .di2 .ddi .msx .xsa .img .casNew features in 0.82

  • Filelist view toggle button on main window.
  • Shorcut keys for the menu commands
  • Pressing <Enter> on a disk image in the tree view will open it.
  • Search functions in TEXT, BASIC, HEX & SECTOR view. Search string in hex or text.
  • Progress bar (diskimage searches can take quite long)
  • More SETUP options
  • Main window colors / fonts, Default directory, etc.
  • Helpfile updated
  • Helpfile can now be accessed via the DskExplorer
  • Function to autoload dsk when selected (not double clicked) with single click / cursor movement
  • Toggle in setup menu.

Fixes in this release:

  • The fat was wrongly written, when new images were created.
  • thanks BiFi
  • Memory handling of dynamic variables was redone
  • I hope it is more stable.
  • .img images handling
  • I hope it works now
  • if not manually rename!

Relevant link: http://www.dskexplorer.msx2.com/