DSKexplorer 0.83

by Sander on 12-02-2003, 12:08
Topic: MSX Related

JP Grobler released a new version of DSKexplorer. With this very useful Windows program you can view, edit, extract and add files from various MSX disk images.

The latest more stable version 0.83 supports Screen 12 picture viewing, can copy bitmap / hex / text view to the Windows Clipboard and handles images with errors better.

Download it from the DSKexplorer homepage.

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By msxhans

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13-02-2003, 14:43

www.msx2.com seems to be down since yesterday, so all sites dskexplorer, deltasoft, msxhans, nyyrikky, meridian are not reachable. Lets hope its a temporary problem

By msxhans

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13-02-2003, 21:21

msx2.com will be back friday or saturday, ip number has changed.

By snout

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13-02-2003, 21:56

hmmm we had our share of IP-changing problems a while ago. Thanks for keeping us posted, Hans...