Frantic maps

Frantic maps

by meits on 05-11-2017, 13:33
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A while back Anma crew member Stompetower uploaded the maps of their Pacman on steroids game Nosh. Just recently he added the maps of their puzzle game No Fuss to the list.

As it seems quite unlikely to expect maps of their games Squeek and Troxx he now concluded the map sharing by uploading the maps of the adventures of Franc.
Unemployed Franc was so unfortunate to apply to Earl Cramp's butler job. On his first job day he finds out he's trapped in the big mansion which resembles a puzzle game, rather than a conventional house. He has to serve the guests their drinks and while doing so he tries to find his way out of the house by questioning the guests. Unfortunately his way to the guests is where he needs your help as it's full of puzzles, traps and enemies. And this is where you might need some help with the maps of each stage.

Relevant link: Maps of Anma's Frantic

While we're at it, making your life as easy as we can, this would be a good place to add all the passwords and cheats. To enter a password you have to press SHIFT at the titlescreen after which an entry box appears.
The following passwords are for the stages:

  • NOSHJE (to Job 2)
  • SEQUEL (to Job 3)
  • TWITCH (to Job 4)
  • MARVEL (to Job 5)
  • GIBBET (to Job 6)

There are three extra passwords of which two should only be used as a last resort, and one only had a reason at the moment the game was being demoed.

  • PROTEC (Activate immortality)
  • EXTRAS (Additional cheats during game, see below for details)
  • OFF (The passwords are not visible after this. This was used to keep passwords a secret on fairs and meetings)

If password 'EXTRAS' is activated, these opportunities arise during the game:

  • [F1]: Add item 'protection tray'
  • [F2]: Add item 'shoes' (to jump higher)
  • [CLS]: Add a bomb (explosive).
  • [INSERT]: Add saliva
  • [DEL]: Add vitality.

More extras during paused game (press [STOP] to pause):

  • [LEFT] + number or letter: Go to according elevator door on the left.
  • [RIGHT] + number or letter: Go to according door on the right.

(A maximum of 16 elevator doors are on the left and 16 are on the right;
[0] is first elevator door, [F] the last one if it exists.
So with [RIGHT] + [A] you go to the 10th elevator door on the right)

Until a Tool Assisted Speedrun is uploaded to Youtube, there is no way we can help you more on your quest to free Franc.

Comments (7)

By Pippo

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05-11-2017, 18:21

Excellent maps, congratulations! Smile

By stompetower

Expert (101)

stompetower's picture

05-11-2017, 18:57


Excellent maps, congratulations! Smile


User FiXato already uploaded Job 1 and Job 2 in 2016.

I welcome retro-gamers / SpeedRunners to make the other YouTube video's!

Personally I like Job 3 most. Sorry for the ugly-looking Job 6...

By meits

Scribe (6530)

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05-11-2017, 19:53

I've tried it a few months ago, but I failed. Not sure anymore where (stage 4 I guess), but I was totally stuck.

By hamlet

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06-11-2017, 12:16

This is really a great game! One of my fav´s that time. And now I realize how good the level design is.
Thank you for the maps. This is a good reason to put my original Frantic disk in my new old 8235!
Free Franc and avoid the green spiders!

By stompetower

Expert (101)

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08-11-2017, 20:31


I've tried it a few months ago, but I failed ...

Yes, this game is not easy. Let's share a nice letter ANMA got in 1993 where this is mentioned too:

Difficulty 10 out of 10 : difficult but possible.
Without the maps it takes some time and perseverance. A bit like Salamander: playing over and over to get through.

By Grauw

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08-11-2017, 22:05

Haha, nice letter Smile. By Henrik Gilvad no less! (of MoonSound, Gfx9000 fame)

Bit of an odd mix of praise and critique, but it’s good to hear honest opinions Big smile.

By o.geerdink

Hero (588)

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20-11-2017, 20:07

I bought this game when it came out and really enjoyed it a lot. Never finished it, guess I will have to do it now.