Interview with Dennis Hemmings (Konami UK)

by djh1697 on 09-12-2004, 23:43
Topic: MSX Related

An interview with Dennis Hemmings (Konami's retired PR man in the UK) is now avaliable online at djh1697's website. MRC visitors had the chance to ask questions in this forum topic. Some of these questions have not been answered, although as you can see most of them have been. djh1697 mentioned the person asking the question in the interview, so you can see which MRC member asked which question.

If you like to read some inside info on Konami in the good ol' days, then take a look at this interview!

Relevant link: djh1697's website

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By Argon

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10-12-2004, 00:05

Very cool Smile

By JohnHassink

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10-12-2004, 12:58


What did Konami Japan say when they saw the MSX version of Green Beret developed by Konami UK?"


$%£&**(())++~~ ( or their equivalent) This was much the same as I did!

Hehehe LOL... Smile

Besides this funny remark, an overall very interesting and informative interview!

By snout

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10-12-2004, 17:49

Nice to read all this indeed! Smile

By Abi

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10-12-2004, 20:17

great, good job very interesting and i hope this to see more and more like this in future (maybe other companies, persons)

By makinavaja

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10-12-2004, 22:03

interesting, really interesting!!!

I like a lot this kind of unusual stuff...

By Grauw

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12-12-2004, 03:15

Way to go, djh!

By Grauw

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12-12-2004, 03:29

Btw, it is very good to hear that piracy wasn’t the problem. Nowadays you’ve got those huge criminal bootlegging pirates from China and Singapore, but back then it was different and, indeed, all on the level (and scale) of mere enthousiasts. Some people have always been claiming that it was the piracy that gave the killer blow to MSX back then, but I never really bought that.

Also, the whole ‘green beret’ story is probably one of the reasons why Konami is nowadays so determined on having their developers from Japan and trained in-house... Seems they got bad experiences with foreign developers, they were often undependable (as Dennis also mentioned earlier).


By Manuel

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10-12-2016, 21:17

Where did the interview go? Is it still online somewhere? I thought I saw it in MRC, but I can't find it.

By Manuel

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10-12-2016, 21:18

By djh1697

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20-12-2016, 00:43

I have lost contact with Dennis, maybe he died? Mark Smith didn't get back in touch either, shame really!