Konami releases Salamander for J-Sky mobile phones

by Sander on 28-08-2002, 12:12
Topic: MSX Related

We reported earlier that the Japanese mobile phones which are operating through the J-Sky network can play Java games from Konami and much more other Japanese game companies for a small one time fee or monthly fee.In the meantime those Java powered phones have evolved to the second level, currently with the release of Sharp`s J-SH51 wich features a faster Java engine, can execute downloaded code up to 100KB (f.i. MSX1 -> 64KB RAM), it has a memory card slot for 8MB cards and has 40-voice polyphonic ring-tone sound capability.For Salamander this means that the game works on the first generation phones, but runs better on the new phones, and it also makes use of the new polyphonic soundchip. Too bad we are on the wrong side of the globe here.

You can view a demo movie of the game running on the new phone at http://www.konami.co.jp/k-tai/contents/jappli/j.html
More background info on the Java platform (in English): http://www.jblend.com/en/news/031102.html
The J-SH51 mobile phone (In Japanese): http://www.sharp.co.jp/products/jsh51/

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By Gakubuchi

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28-08-2002, 16:12

Not only Salamander! on that page you can see Nemesis, Quarth, King's Valley, Antartic Adventure and others that i don't know! WOW! I want a mobile with Java! Any one knows if the newest NOKIA's with Java support can run this games?

By Bart

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28-08-2002, 17:49

I have a JAVA powered Nokia cellphone myself (3410) and it's in black and white.
The graphics are pretty funky though. But I really doubt it can do the same stuff as the j-sky phones >Smile

By chaos

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28-08-2002, 21:32

The latest generation phones in Europe do have java support and colorscreens, but I'm afraid the Konami games won't work good enough on those. We have to wait for the second geneneration j-phones :/

Like Sander said: we are on the wrong side of the globe here Wink

By snout

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28-08-2002, 23:21

Yeah! Let's all move to Australia!