The Spanish mobile telephony operator Amena have released the remake of La Abadía del Crimen, which was originally released on MSX by Opera in 1987. On the 14th of December, Movistar will release the game as well, followed by a release on Vodafone on January 15th. In order to access the games catalogue visit this page and select "Catálogo de videojuegos". Then just follow the instructions after selecting the game.

On Nokia Series 60 phones, the game now looks like this: (Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2, Screenshot 3). For the time being, the game will only be released by Spanish operators. It is unclear whether or not an international version will be released in the future.

Relevant link: Amena mobile games

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02-12-2005, 19:25

I´ve just downloaded on my phone ( motorola v220 ).My little - and f*****G screen - never looked so radiant with this INCREDIBLE port.Great,great,great touches of scrolling...No words! LET´S PLAY ( and pay,of course... ) ya tomorrow Big smileBig smileBig smile


By [WYZ]

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04-12-2005, 12:23