Space Manbow re-released for i-mode mobile phones

by Bart on 03-09-2006, 22:52
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Source: Gigamix online

Konami announced the re-release of Space Manbow for i-mode mobile phones. This is not Konami's first MSX classic re-released i-mode mobiles: Metal Gear and Penguin Adventure have been released before.
Space Manbow is available only for specific i-mode phones: the i-appli DX mobile phones by NTT DoCoMo. This phone is not common outside Japan unfortunately.

Relevant link: Space Manbow for i-mode mobiles

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By Manuel

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03-09-2006, 23:12

Heh, explains why they are so interested in piracy Tongue

But hey, what kind of emulator are they using? jr's? (Or based on it?) Another one? One similar to Konami Antiques Collection one? Or did they license fMSX? Crying

By Bart

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03-09-2006, 23:24

As I specifically stated in the post this game is available only for NTT's i-applica DX i-mode phones. As you know JR's MSX emulator was made for Symbian OS phones... I guess that answers your question? Smile

By yakumo

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04-09-2006, 09:04

Why they should use an emulator? Maybe is a complete rewrite of the code in DoJa (DoJa stands for Docomo Java, that is, the Java from Docomo).

By Samor

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05-09-2006, 10:59

I don't think Metal Gear used an emulator either... I think it's a port.

That's the second time Konami gives attention to Space Manbow in recent years (the other was the first level of the game being a bonus in Goemon on DS)... seems they still like the game. Wink