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by snout on 01-01-2008, 22:45
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Gamesetwatch have published an article on Telenet Japan in their 'Might Have Been'-series of articles. As we reported earlier, the Japanese software house that brought us such games as Androgynus, Valis (Fantasm Soldier), Sa-Zi-Ri and XZR recently went out of business. The article gives quite an extensive overview of the history of Telenet, tries to find out why the Valis series were so popular and even mentions - albeit only once - the MSX computer system. The article also deals with 'what went wrong' and the remarkable release of the adult game Valis X.

Relevant link: Telenet retrospective on GameSetWatch

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By JohnHassink

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02-01-2008, 16:48

I think it's a rather shabby, poor article, containing merely innacurate, incomplete and otherwise already commonly known information.
Missed chance.
A typical display of one of the greater disadvantages of the internet; anyone can publish anything without any quality check.

The posted reactions also show for this.