Vodafone live service for mobile phones

by Sander on 02-11-2002, 11:32
Topic: MSX Related

A few weeks ago I mentioned the Sharp J-Sky mobile phone for the Japanese market. This phone has a color LCD screen, Digital camera, and could execute JAVA code, like games from Konami (Salamander for instance). Now, Vodafone Europe has launched it's "Live" service for mobile phone's. There are two mobile phone's ready for this service: The Nokia 7650 and the Sharp GX10. Internal testing at Vodafone shows that the Sharp mobile phone is more advanced, because it's can execute JAVA code faster, also this phone is optimized for the LIVE service. The Sharp GX10 features a build-in digital camera, a 2-inch 65,536-color high-resolution advanced color TFT LCD's bright image display, supports SMS and the new picture format MMS. It has a nice interface and yes; it also has a FM-sound chip inside. The LCD screen used is a fast one, excellent for playing games.

At the moment Vodafone only mentions the picture format and JAVA abilities on their website.But, I found out that they have commissioned the company Babel media to test 56 games from leading Japanese and Korean companies like Namco, Taito and G-mode to check if their games are fully compatible with their service and games.The SHARP GX-10 is sold combined with the Vodafone LIVE service and a one year subscription for 299 euro in the Netherlands. The Nokia 7650 goes for 349 euro.