Where in the world..

by wolf_ on 08-10-2008, 12:32
Topic: MSX Related

..is Carmen Sandiago? No! But we're still reasonably close, as SLotman is now seeking all of us, instead of just Carmen. Inspired by a similar forum thread from another community, SLotman decided open a forum thread inviting MSX users around the world to pinpoint them self onto a Google map. If all of us join this initiative we will get a perfect overview of where everyone lives. Perhaps someone's living nearby while you didn't even know about it!

Adding yourself to this map is quite easy. First you'll need to be logged in with a GMail account. Then click this link, click on Edit on the panel at the left, the icons will show up. Find your location on this planet and drag the pinpoint icon to your position. Click the icon to change its contents and click Done. If everything went well, you should now be on the map!

Relevant link: MSX'ers on Google Maps