Amazon starts pre-ordering of MSX Magazine 2

by snout on 06-10-2003, 12:32
Topic: MSX Revival

Due to the huge success of MSX Magazine 1 (which was temporarily sold even more than the latest Harry Potter book in Japan, and also got more attention than the Pentium 4 and GeForce 5 (GeForce FX) a year ago, Amazon decided to start allowing people to pre-order the upcoming MSX Magazine very soon this time.

MSX Magazine 2 will be released on December 1st, 2003. MSX DenYu Land, on November 30th, will be its launch party. It is not clear yet if it will be possible to buy MSX Magazine 2 outside of Japan.

Relevant link: MSX Magazine pre-ordering at Amazon JP

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By msxgamesbox

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06-10-2003, 13:12

nice. last year did ship it to Belgium, was no problem even though it was not allowed according to the rules & regulation.

By Maggoo

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06-10-2003, 14:19

I confirm, I got mine in less than a week from Amazon Japan.

By Grauw

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06-10-2003, 19:51

Pff, but ordering it directly from Japan is expensive. The magazine itself is 2800 yen already, and the shipping costs add about 1700 yen to that. No, I think I'll see if I can take part in a joint purchase again, to lower the shipping costs.