ASCII puts the MSXPC on their frontpage

by Latok on 01-12-2003, 11:41
Topic: MSX Revival

In this newspost we have informed you about the MSXPC and the MSX Game Reader.

The MSXPC (20th anniversary edition) is a computer of which all components (motherboard, harddisk, memory etc.) are fit into the keyboard. The machine comes with a ROM cartridge connector and runs MSXPLAYer. Apart from a unique serial number and an MSXPLAYer logo the full name of the person ordering the MSXPC will be printed on the machine.

ASCII has put the MSXPC and the MSX Game Reader on the frontpage of their ASCII store. We think it's quite cool having MSX up there right next to more regular computers and magazines. Furthermore, the MSXPC presale counter has hit the 200! This will probably mean that the computer is in fact going to be produced and sold.

When you decide to click through to the ASCII store, please also notice the MSX Magazine 2 is still going strong in the ASCII top 10 saleschart. At the moment, it is in 6th place.