Background info on Nishi his new MSX design

by Sander on 31-07-2002, 11:33
Topic: MSX Revival

After his presentation at the Tilburg fair last year, our MSX founder did a presentation at the MIT, were he is a visiting professor. Although there were some other people who went on that trip, nobody was allowed to say anything afterwards.

A few months ago I found out that all presentations at the MIT have to go public. After finding Nishi's personal homepage at one of the MIT homepages, there was indeed a link to a project he's involved in, Digital Nations. There was also a link to the presentation giving last year, but this link didn't work. I mailed the MIT webmaster about this and after severalmonths of waiting I got their answer (fixed the link) today. You can download the presentation following this link:

A Powerpoint viewer can be downloaded from

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