Bazix closes One Chip MSX preorders

by Sonic_aka_T on 21-08-2005, 01:34
Topic: MSX Revival

After ASCII, Bazix has just announced they also closed their One Chip MSX preorder page as of 23:59 CET, August 20th, 2005. This means the world-wide preorder period for the One Chip MSX is now officially over. Since it seems almost sure the 5000 preorder limit was not met, it is now up to ASCII Solutions to decide what is going to happen next. Bazix thanked everyone who placed an order, and state they will inform us as soon as they recieve information on the subject. Naturally, MRC will keep you informed as well.

Relevant link: Bazix One Chip MSX preorder notice

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By poke-1,170

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23-08-2005, 13:41

REACTION # 1....hope it will work out with the 1chip