Frantic in EGG PLUS!

by snout on 27-10-2006, 21:42
Topic: MSX Revival

Amusement Center have re-released ANMA's platform game Frantic in EGG PLUS!. Following the launch of WOOMB - on which several Japanese MSX games translated to English have recently become available - this is the first English MSX game translated to Japanese offered in D4E's distribution channel Amusement Center. The English version of Frantic can be obtained here on WOOMB.

Relevant link: Frantic in EGG PLUS!

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By AuroraMSX

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27-10-2006, 21:51

This is cool. I have to admit that I was slightly sceptical about this whole WOOMB thing and even more sceptical about european stuff *really* being released in EGG.
This first game shows that WOOMB/EGG can really become a full fledged software *exchange* platform.

(Now, if only I could play those games in openMSX... Tongue)

By Samor

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28-10-2006, 01:55

I think this is an amazing accomplishment! Great work Smile

By Grauw

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28-10-2006, 16:30

Cool! Smile