MSX-BASIC for Education

by Latok on 23-02-2003, 12:14
Topic: MSX Revival

In a previous posting we already told you a bit about the MSX-BASIC for Education program.

In japanese schools, students must learn the basics of programming, writing small programs containing FOR...NEXT and IF...THEN lines. Since the MSX-BASIC is a great language to learn these elementary things, the MSX Association came up with the idea to create a nice visualization of the effects of an MSX-BASIC code and they started developing a robot that can be controlled using CALL statements (or OUTs). Thus, a robot can be controlled while programming on your MSXPLAYer or your real MSX.

We can now reveal that there has been written an adapted version of MSX-BASIC which offers more education facilities, for example the controlling possibilities of this robot. It seems like this new MSX-BASIC is compatible with the BASIC in MSX2+ computers. To get more info on this spectacular development, we suggest you to take a look here.

The price for this new MSX-BASIC for Education is 9500 Yen. We don't know yet if it is possible for non-Japanese residents to place orders.

On the internet, a whole MSX-BASIC for Education community, named Edu-Ba, is being carried out. One will has to have a subscription to be able to access this community. The annual fee is 3000 yen. Until march 2004, though, you can access this member website for free.

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By snout

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24-02-2003, 11:24

9500 yen is about 75 euro's. Not bad.

By konamiman

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24-02-2003, 22:11

In the screenshots I can see it is MSX-BASIC version 2, so it should emulate MSX2 instead of MSX2+. But hey, it has Disk BASIC 2!

If things evolve like this, I wonder if some day one could be again MSX programmer as a job! 8-)