MSX beats Pentium 4 and GeForce 5

by snout on 29-10-2002, 17:46
Topic: MSX Revival

You better believe it! In the weekly top 10 of most-read articles on the Japanese ZDnet, the article about the MSX Revival we reported about many times before was the most-read article of the week. Other stories that made the top10 were about Intel's newly released hyperthreading Pentium 4 3.06GHz processor and the upcoming NVIDIA NV30 GPU.

The official announcement of the MSX Revival seems to have grasped the attention of many Japanese computer-fans. Another example of the Japanese excitement is this small comic where two comic personalities (Arashi & Satoru) who love using personal computers get all nostalgic after seeing the new MSX BASIC prompt, and especially after playing a bit of Bokosuka Wars.

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