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Topic: MSX Revival

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Even before the release of MSX Magazine 2003 and the MSXPLAYer, the MSX Revival is already having a positive effect. To celebrate the return of MSX, Shuwa system will release a magazine called 'Fun!! MSX Emulator & Games'. Pre-sales have already started on cbook, it's even mentioned on the frontpage.The magazine, that contains 256 pages and a CD-ROM features seven chapters on..

  • ProjectMSX
  • Games that are included on the CD-ROM (DragonSlayer4, Hydlide 3 and Relics)
  • MSX Emulators (probably there will not only be articles on MSXPLAYer, but on NLMSX and RuMSX as well)
  • How to create a disk-image
  • MSX Soundchips emulation
  • MSX Related information
  • ProjectEGG

The games on the CD-ROM are part of the EGG project and copyrighted by Bothtec/ProjectEGG, and of course by the original creators of the games. Apart from some full-version games, the CD-ROM contains some trial versions of other games as well. Here's the full list:Full versions:

  • Dragon Slayer 4
  • Hydlide 3
  • Relics
  • Super Laydock

Trial versions:

  • Valis II
  • Laydock 2
  • Xak
  • XZR

Screenshots are available right here. An emulator to run the games is included on the CD-ROM as well.

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