MSX Game Reader sales: halfway there

by snout on 09-11-2003, 15:03
Topic: MSX Revival

As of today, more than 1500 MSX Game Readers were pre-ordered. As we reported before more than 3000 MSX Game Readers will have to be pre-ordered in order to make commercial production of this USB ROM Cartridge Reader possible. With 36 days to go, at least 1500 more MSX Game Readers have to be sold.

Relevant link: ASCII MSX Store

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By Ivan

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09-11-2003, 15:43

36 days left for ASCII/MSX-Association to ignore, once again, the international MSX scene.

I'm not going to reserve it with all the MSX sales corner in Japanese. If they haven't the rights for the distribution outside Japan they should get them from Microsoft.

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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09-11-2003, 18:39

tsk... No need to be so sarcastic.
If only you knew.......

By DarQ

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10-11-2003, 19:13

we are potential customers. we want it! we don't want to read a japanse manual. we don't want to know. ok, i know but others might not. ascii just has to take the big step.

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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10-11-2003, 20:58

You are absolutely right, it's a BIG STEP.